The medicine department in a hospital is a critical component of healthcare services, dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of medical conditions. This department typically encompasses various subspecialties, including internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, and infectious diseases, among others. Physicians specializing in internal medicine, known as internists, play a central role in the department, addressing a diverse array of adult medical issues.

In a hospital’s medicine department, diagnostic tools and techniques are employed to assess patients’ health conditions accurately. This may involve laboratory tests, imaging studies, and thorough physical examinations. Once a diagnosis is established, the medical team collaborates to develop and implement comprehensive treatment plans. This may involve medication management, lifestyle modifications, and, in some cases, coordination with other specialists for more specialized care.

The medicine department is often at the forefront of patient care, serving as the initial point of contact for individuals with a wide range of health concerns. Physicians and healthcare professionals in this department are well-versed in managing both acute and chronic illnesses, emphasizing a holistic approach to patient well-being. They work collaboratively with other healthcare departments and specialties to ensure coordinated and effective care, contributing significantly to the overall functioning of the hospital and the delivery of high-quality medical services.

Team of Experts

Dr. Udayan Borbora


Dr. Udayan Borbora, MD, is a dedicated medical professional with a passion for providing high-quality patient care.

Dr. Tridip Kr Das


Dr. Tridip Kr Das, a distinguished medical professional, holds a prestigious MD degree...

Dr. Tribeni Bhuyan

Neuro Medicine/Psychiatry

Dr. Tribeni Bhuyan, MD in Drugs D-Addiction, is a dedicated professional committed to combatting substance abuse and addiction.

Dr. Apurba Dutta


Dr. Apurba Dutta, a highly skilled medical professional, holds a distinguished MD degree, showcasing his expertise and commitment to the field of medicine.

Dr. Nitin Bharatia


Dr. Nitin Bharatia, a distinguished medical professional with an MD degree, epitomizes excellence in the field of medicine

Dr. Dibyajyoti Borah


Dr. Dibyajyoti Borah, holding a prestigious MD degree, is a highly accomplished and dedicated medical professional whose expertise and passion lie in the field of medicine.


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