Operation Theatre

An operation theatre, also known as an operating room or surgery suite, is a highly specialized and controlled environment within a hospital or medical facility where surgical procedures are performed. It is designed to provide an aseptic, sterile, and safe setting for surgical teams to carry out various medical interventions. The layout and equipment of an operation theatre are meticulously organized to ensure optimal functionality and support the complex tasks undertaken during surgery. Essential components include surgical lights, advanced monitoring devices, anesthesia machines, and specialized surgical instruments. The operating room is typically equipped with a ventilation system that helps maintain a clean and bacteria-free atmosphere, reducing the risk of postoperative infections. Additionally, the layout often includes designated zones for the surgical team, patients, and equipment to facilitate smooth and efficient workflow.

Our OT Complex is completely antibacterial with high cladding efficacy. It is equipped with latest equipment & surgical needs. There are 8 modular OT’s dedicated to different specialised departments.


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