Dr. Rupam Hazarika


Experience: 5+ years
Degree: DNB, NEURO

About Me

Dr. Rupam Hazarika is a highly skilled and accomplished medical professional who holds a Doctorate in Medicine (DNB) with a specialization in Neurology. With a strong dedication to advancing the field of neurology, Dr. Hazarika has demonstrated exceptional expertise and commitment to patient care. His extensive knowledge in neurology, coupled with practical experience, has equipped him to diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological disorders. Dr. Rupam Hazarika’s pursuit of excellence in the medical field, particularly in the realm of neurology, reflects his passion for enhancing the well-being of individuals through cutting-edge medical practices.

Doctors Report

Availability 90%
Attentiveness 75%
Patient Satisfaction Score 53%
Overall Performance 61%