Dr. Sanchita Mazumdar


Experience: 5+ years
Degree: PGDCC

About Me

Dr. Sanchita Mazumdar is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who holds expertise in the field of cardiology. Having successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC), Dr. Mazumdar has demonstrated a commitment to advancing her knowledge and skills in cardiovascular care. Her passion for cardiology is evident in her comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the cardiovascular system. Driven by a desire to contribute to patient well-being, she applies her expertise in clinical cardiology to diagnose and treat a variety of cardiovascular conditions, ensuring the best possible care for her patients. Dr. Sanchita Mazumdar’s commitment to excellence in cardiology makes her a valued and compassionate healthcare provider in the field.

Doctors Report

Availability 83%
Attentiveness 80%
Patient Satisfaction Score 99%
Overall Performance 68%