Dr. Tribeni Bhuyan

Neuro Medicine/Psychiatry

Experience: 5+ years
Degree: MD, Drugs d-addiction

About Me

Dr. Tribeni Bhuyan, MD in Drugs D-Addiction, is a dedicated professional committed to combatting substance abuse and addiction. With a profound understanding of pharmacology and addiction psychology, Dr. Bhuyan employs a multifaceted approach to treatment, integrating evidence-based methods with compassion and empathy. Through her expertise, she has positively impacted countless lives, empowering individuals to reclaim control and achieve lasting recovery from addiction. Dr. Bhuyan’s unwavering dedication to her field makes her a beacon of hope for those seeking a path to wellness and sobriety.

Doctors Report

Availability 90%
Attentiveness 75%
Patient Satisfaction Score 53%
Overall Performance 61%